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A Tale of Two States

The state in the darkest shade of blue on the map above is New York. In New York in 2009, per person energy consumption was 196 million BTUs. This was the most efficient number, as a state, in the nation. The state in the darkest shade of orange on the map above is Wyoming. InRead… Read more »

Fuel Efficiency on Display in Detroit

The Detroit Auto Show will continue for a few more days, but we wanted to share some of the fuel efficient models put on display from major car makers. Above you see the latest from Ford, Chevy, Nissan and Honda. All of these vehicles have fuel efficiency credentials – high 30s and low 40s MPGRead… Read more »

Harvard Thinks Green

Six of Harvard’s environmental faculty have 6 big green ideas. Above you’ll find Is It Too Late to Avoid Serious Impacts of Climate Change? by James J. McCarthy. Original post

What Drives Crude Oil Prices?

Because, like it or not, renewable energy development still depends a lot on the price of conventional – fossil-based – fuels, we thought that the EIA’s new analysis What Drives Crude Oil Prices? would be of interest to our readers. The analysis has an interactive online component, so be sure to visit the EIA’s siteRead… Read more »

Renewable Energy News of the Week

Here is a brief list of some of the interesting sustainability news articles from this week: How New Energy Efficient Lighting Creates Green Jobs Town of Hempstead Creates Closed Loop: Wind Turbine Powers Fuel Cell Cars The Year in Biomimicry: How Beetles, Mantis Shrimp & More Inspired Innovation Ethanol Tax Break Quietly Expires, Industry MovesRead… Read more »

Want to Know Where Your Power Comes From? Look North.

The EIA has put together a graphic depicting net power flows in the US (not including HI and AK). The overriding theme of their data is that electricity flows south in the US. The EIA says that the largest energy flows often come from areas with predictably over-sized generation capacity. The Northwest’s generation capacity isRead… Read more »

Putting A Price Tag on Nature

Watch Pavan Sukhdev’s TED talk and find out how he and his team converted nature’s contribution to world economies into terms of dollars and cents. The moral of the talk: just because something isn’t priced doesn’t mean it lacks value. Original post