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Renewable Energy Powers P&G Factory

Environmental Leader tipped us off to the recent wind turbine installation at a Proctor & Gamble plant in The Netherlands. The turbine will supply 17% of the factory’s energy needs, according to the video. P&G says their ultimate goal is to power their facilities with 100% renewable power, and this is certainly a compelling wayRead… Read more »

E-waste management solution: The break-apart laptop

GreenerDesign recently published an article that could provide some insight into how manufacturers and consumers will help divert e-waste from landfills in the future. Students at Stanford and Aalto University in Finland are currently developing a laptop that owners can easily disassemble at the end of it’s useful life. Pieces can then be put inRead… Read more »

Green Facilities: Learning from Manufacturing

Often times green building tips come from unlikely sources. So while most folks who read this blog probably have little to with making snack foods, the innovation on display in this video of a Shearer’s plant could still inspire retrofits of many other buildings. From waste heat reuse to efficient lighting, this plant has goneRead… Read more »

Green IT – What’s Next?

Greener Computing recently published an article about what to expect from the green IT sector in 2011. Of course specific predictions are difficult, but the graph at right shows you where Greener Computing and Forrester Research think the green IT sector is at the moment. As you can see, if past cycles continue into theRead… Read more »

Renewable Energy Possibilites as Shown by Solar Mapping

Solar maps are becoming an increasingly useful – and more widely used – tool for solar system installers, city planners and building managers alike. A quality solar map can help determine payback periods, development locations and system scales. These, and many other reasons, made the environmental engineers at UCSD catch our eye. They’ve developed aRead… Read more »

Re-Assessing Green Building Performance

The GSA recently released a report called Re-Assessing Green Building Performance. In it, the GSA looks at sustainably designed buildings and find that they use less energy and water, cost less to maintain, and have occupants that are satisfied when compared to typical buildings. We’ve posted the report over on the CEIL site, so thatRead… Read more »

Climate Change, Insurance Risk and the Future

This video, which we found through Environmental Leader, is called “How Emissions Growth Effects Business.” But it could just as easily be called “How Climate Inertia Could Strain the Insurance Sector of the Future.” In a brisk two minutes, Nigel Topping, Chief Innovation Officer of Carbon Disclosure Project describes how climate choices we’ve already madeRead… Read more »

Renewable Energy Investment in 2010 – Are We Half-Way There?

On January 19, Bloomberg New Energy Finance released a report on the renewable energy investment of 2010. The report contained many encouraging facts: $243 billion in total investment Small-scale project investment up 91% Venture capital investment up 29% from 2009 Solar power saw a 49% increase in investment Wind power saw a 31% increase inRead… Read more »

CEIL Blog Friday Wrap-Up

In case you missed any posts from earlier this week, we’ve collected them below in a handy list for you! Monday Video: Top Green Inventions The Science of Green: Bioprospecting Green Building: A Building Code with a Payback Green Jobs Lead the Way in California Don’t forget to check out the latest green government newsRead… Read more »