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There’s An App For That: How Delegates Nominated President Obama Using 56 PCs

Mark Drapeau (Charlotte, NC) — When the Democratic National Convention Committee (DNCC) needed an app that convention delegates could use to vote for their next Presidential nominee, Microsoft helped provide a solution. Partnering with San Diego-based InterKnowlogy, they designed, developed, and deployed an app that was used on the floor of the Time Warner CableRead… Read more »

Timelapse Video Of The Transformation Of Time Warner Cable Arena For The Democratic National Convention

Mark Drapeau (Charlotte, NC) — Check out this really cool official YouTube video from the Democratic National Convention. Watch as the Time Warner Cable Arena in Charlotte, transforms from a sports venue into a world-class convention hall. Starting today, the arena will host the 2012 Democratic National Convention. This video barely does the arena justice.Read… Read more »

A 21-Year-Old Healthcare Startup Accelerator Founder From Stanford Shares Her Four Big Lessons Learned

Deanna Pogorelc (Cleveland, OH) — Last summer, when regenerative medicine company Stem Cell Theranostics went through the StartX accelerator program at Stanford University along with one other biotech company, the team members realized that many aspects of their experience were much different than those of the other companies. For example, they weren’t moving as quicklyRead… Read more »

Gossip Girl To Geek: Transitioning From Quarterlife Crisis To CEO

Mark Drapeau (Washington, DC) — I noticed her immediately. The line I was in was moving at the speed of molasses, and I was looking for a distraction. I found one in a beautiful post-collegiate girl enjoying her Saturday in the hip Dupont Circle neighborhood of Washington, DC. “Hi boys!” this darkly-tanned brunette exclaimed, uponRead… Read more »

Therapydia, An Emerging Social Network For Physical Therapists, Raises $5 Million In Venture Funding

Deanna Pogorelc (Cleveland, OH) — Healthcare social media has a new player in a two-year-old startup that’s just raised $5 million in venture capital and launched an online community specifically for physical therapists. Therapydia was created to connect physical therapists, facilitate the exchange of ideas and mobilize PT around key issues like reimbursement and directRead… Read more »

Return On Investment Of Yammer For Government Enterprise: Examples From Microsoft’s Yams

Mike Strand (Redmond, WA) – Since my last post “Micro-Leadership Through Enterprise Microblogging: A Modern View On Managing Bureaucracy”, much has happened in the world of social for the enterprise. Namely, my own company, Microsoft, recently completed acquisition of Yammer. As I am a strong advocate for the power of microblogging in the modern enterprise,Read… Read more »

A Preview Of Three Telemedicine Pilots From Childrens Hospital Boston

Arundhati Parmar (Minneapolis, MN) – Cheap communications technologies have brought more muscle to the field of telemedicine, and organizations are looking to leverage these tools in innovative ways to provide care to patients at a distance. At Children’s Hospital Boston, several telemedicine pilots are currently underway to determine their viability. At the MedCity CONVERGE ConferenceRead… Read more »

The 17 Ways Microsoft Office Provides Real Impact For Better Government

Tony Tai (Redmond, WA) — Cloud computing can help governments increase productivity and improve collaboration while reducing IT costs. But which cloud productivity solution should you choose: Microsoft Office or Google Apps? Microsoft has decades of experience working with government at all levels, in over 100 countries. After weighing the options, governments from the StateRead… Read more »

What Healthcare Innovators Can Learn From Intelligence Community Geeks

Mark Drapeau (Philadelphia, PA) — At the recent MedCity CONVERGE health innovation summit, a panel discussion about online collaboration opined that many “futuristic” innovations in health and life sciences already exist, but are simply not part of the regular workflow of doctors, bioscientists, and other health professionals. To tweak author William Gibson’s famous phrase, theRead… Read more »

Infographic: How Yammer Will Integrate With Microsoft Sharepoint For Government Enterprise Social Networking

Mark Drapeau (Washington, DC) — Microsoft recently announced that it had acquired popular enterprise social networking company Yammer, and that these assets would largely be integrated into Microsoft’s business software like Outlook, Office, and Sharepoint. How might this work within large enterprises like government agencies? Below is the official infographic showing how Yammer might workRead… Read more »