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Is Open Government “Dangerously Digital”?

Wrote a blog post this morning about a talk I gave yesterday, the subject matter being that open government – transparency, collaboration, and participation – is controlled by CIO’s and CTO’s. Why? Perhaps open government and the OGD and its solutions are too tech-reliant (what I term, Dangerously Digital). Where’s the human side of theRead… Read more »

How Microsoft Added Cheeky To Its Geeky

Today I’m happy to announce that I’ve taken a full time position as Director of Innovative Social Engagement for Microsoft, in its U.S. Public Sector division that handles federal, state, and local government, education, and healthcare business. I’ll be staying in the DC area (where the division is headquartered) and will still be involved inRead… Read more »

Public Diplomacy via Innovative Social Engagement

Since I left the National Defense Unversity, I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want to do next. In between, I did some writing, speaking, and teaching, but now I’m moving to something more permanent. It’s leaked that I’m joining Microsoft’s U.S. Public Sector division as Director of Innovative Social Engagement. I thought I’dRead… Read more »

What Would an Always-On-The-Record Government Look Like?

Recently, I wrote a post about Government 2.0 predictions for 2010-12, and one of them was that government would “always be on-the-record.” By that I meant that the combination of (1) the proliferation of tech-savvy citizens with mobile camera/video devices, (2) the prevalence of wi-fi or other Web connections, (3) the massive number of peopleRead… Read more »

Big vs. Small Federal Agency Government 2.0

It’s almost commonplace to hear things like, Federal agencies are getting better with Government 2.0, transparency, and communicating with the public. But most of the examples of this that I see and hear are from big agencies. You know, agencies like these: DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION DEPARTMENTRead… Read more »

Announcing the Government 2.0 Online Conference (Gov 2.0 OLC) from O’Reilly Media

O’Reilly Media has gotten into Government 2.0 in a big way. Their events in September – the Gov 2.0 Summit and the preview event Gov 2.0 Expo Showcase showed off their vision for government. Their 2010 event, the Gov 2.0 Expo (whose program I co-chair with Laurel Ruma) is going to be a hugely excitingRead… Read more »

Social Software for Security (S3)

At DoD’s National Defense University (NDU) I have started a research program called Social Software for Security, or S3. These technologies have many potential benefits to our military forces and associated civilians, including: (1) internal government information sharing, (2) creating and nurturing relationships with non-governmental entities, and (3) empowering people in post-disaster or post-war situations.Read… Read more »