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New ‘Reboot America’ Initiative By Startup DC Intermingles Big Business With Tiny Startups To Spur Job Creation, Innovation, and U.S. Competitiveness

Mark Drapeau (Washington, DC) — Tonight at a private invite-only event, Startup DC will launch a new initiative named “Reboot America” with the strategic goals of creating local jobs, improving the DC regional economy, and increasing innovation in America. Reboot America, created by Startup DC in partnership with their national mothership Startup America, is aRead… Read more »

The Art Of The Start: What The Birth Of Short-Lived Tech Startups Means For The Spirit Of America

Mark Drapeau (Washington, DC) – The prominent startup blog recently published a piece titled, Startup Weekend e-Government DC Produced 13 Innovative, Public Sector-Focused Startups. DC-based technology journalist Alex Howard publicly commented that presentations by teams at the end of a 54-hour startup weekend hosted by Microsoft do not constitute “startups,” and that TechCocktail’s headlineRead… Read more »

Infographic: 15 Ways Students Can Use Microsoft Office 365 Vs. Google Apps

Tony Tai (Redmond, WA) — Whether you are a school’s tech decision-maker, an educator, a parent, or someone who values learning, you know students and care about their success. Successful students are excited about learning, are well-organized and make good use of their time. We prepared an infographic that shows how productive students can maximizeRead… Read more »

Report: Big Pharma Needs More Open Innovation

Deanna Pogorelc (Philadelphia, PA) — Over the next few years, we’ll likely be seeing more stories along the lines of Merck’s $90 million translational research center for scientists, entrepreneurs and venture capitalists; Sanofi’s partnership with Third Rock Ventures to launch a new biotech company; and Johnson & Johnson, GSK and Index Ventures’ new investment fund.Read… Read more »

Educating Children About The Pitfalls Of Social Media On Mobile Devices

Dean Halstead (Chevy Chase, MD) — The number of dangers for children on the Internet is continually multiplying, making parenting harder — and increasingly requiring a parent to be tech-savvy. The latest tech category to present a danger to children is sometimes nicknamed “mobile social” — in other words, mobile device-based social media, games, andRead… Read more »

Infographic: 16 Ways Microsoft Office 365 Trumps Google Apps For Teachers

Tony Tai (Redmond, WA) — More than ever, a modern education depends on technology in the classroom. Excellent teachers work to engage, educate, and challenge their best students and prepare them for the 21st-century workplace. We at Microsoft prepared an infographic showing how Microsoft Office 365 matches up against Google Apps for many common educationalRead… Read more »

Xbox Kinect Applications To Health And Medicine

Chris Niehaus (Washington, DC) — It’s not quite the technology from Minority Report, but in some ways it’s even better (no gloves!): Some time ago, Microsoft has launched a new entertainment product named Kinect for the popular Xbox 360 gaming platform. The launch involved an unusual amount of fanfare, including a massive Times Square eventRead… Read more »