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IRS Hosts 1/27/11 Webinar on SSA 218 Agreements

It’s been a long while since I posted anything. I read daily though. I recently changed jobs. I’m doing Education and Outreach for various federal, state and local gov’t entities, including Indian Tribal gov’ts at the IRS. Mostly payroll and tax-exempt bonds issues. Huge learning curve. I’d like to get back into the game. IRead… Read more »

FY 2011 Budget on a Wiki?

Does anyone know if the FY 11 budget was worked on a wiki again? I remember reading an article a couple years in the Post about working the budget on a wiki. The wiki I use at work is still facing oppostion 2 years later. Although most get it. I’d like to get a littleRead… Read more »

slowly adopting Twitter

We really took a big step today with Twitter today @ Internal Revenue by posting events at the Tax Return Preparer Review panel at the Reagan Bldg. I’ve also been active with tax_pro_news on twitter.

Tax Filing Deadline Nears

As federal employees we have a greater responsibility to file and pay taxes than everyone else. The Internal Revenue Service offers last minute reminders to taxpayers who have not yet filed a tax return, paid what they owe or requested an extension of time to file as the April 15 tax filing and payment deadlineRead… Read more »