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If You Can’t Say Something Nice, Don’t Say Anything At All

I’m sure you’ve heard that one before. But is it really true? What if you really really can’t stand someone? Like beyond “he used my 20th Anniversary Simpsons coffee mug without my permission!!” or “I thought I was the only woman in the office with the navy blue Michal Kors purse… the nerve!!!” I’m talkingRead… Read more »

Work: A Place — Or the Things We Do?

Imagine this: A workforce with no set schedule, no mandatory attendance, and no centralized location to get the job done. Confused? Don’t be. A new modern day philosophy is emerging in our workforce that slashes conventional workplace practices. The philosophy is known as ROWE – Results-Only Work Environment. Judging employees based on productivity instead ofRead… Read more »

Talent Vs. Potential – Where Do You Stand?

When you hear talent, you probably associate the term with American Idol, the Olympics, or the Oscars. Let’s talk about talent in the workplace. You know, the thing that initially got you hired. Talent is high in demand. Manpower recently documented that 52% of American companies are struggling to fill open positions. Why? They’re lookingRead… Read more »

The Bike Conference

It’s 2012. People are thinking outside the box, especially in the corporate world. Work no longer refers to where you go, but more importantly, what you do – and how you do it. Take the traditional conference for example — a number of employees shuffling into an ordinary office, sitting around an ordinary table, takingRead… Read more »

Networking Events — Battle Zone or Tea Party?

What’s your take on networking events? What’s the purpose of attending them – what do you hope to acheive? Although I’m not new to the government contracting world, I’ve only attended 2 networking events in my career (the second one being last night). I enjoy meeting people and have been told that I can carryRead… Read more »

Dealing with Employee Engagement & Today’s Generation Gap in the Workplace

Question:What do current and past generations have in common in the workplace? Answer: Not a whole lot. The term “generation gap” seems to be buzzing in the workplace – especially when it comes to technology. If you are struggling to engage, train, or simply manage a cross-generational workforce, you’re not alone. As trainers, we needRead… Read more »

How Do You Measure Social Media Success?

Here’s a question for all you social media specialists: How do you measure your success? When are you certain you’ve “gotten your word out”? That people are actually listening? What is the goal of social media (other than AWARENESS) is there a more substantiated way to measure your success?

Sending Out My S.O.S.

Anyone want to help a Newbie? I am a newcomer to GovLoop and eager to learn about the wonderful features this site has to offer. I’m interested in hearing your opinion! Best tools? Group recommendations? Favorite Blog? Send it my way. As the Marketing Director for 3Leaf Group, my job is to spread awareness ofRead… Read more »