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Is suggesting things to your boss online, Right?

Today someone called the Community Manager (that’s me) to request that a comment posted by their employee be removed from the intranet site that all 30,000 employees have access to. The comment is in response to a corporately-supported article about supervisors, which invited people to share their thoughts online. The comment that incited the phoneRead… Read more »

I know what Govloop is missing:

poems. I had written ‘poets’ but then I realized that there are likely some poets out there, and artists too. That sounds ridiculous though, doesn’t it? We have to stay neutral being government and all.

Should I have posted this?

My boss and I had an exchange last week that a couple hundred people overheard because it happened online: I wrote a blog about having a bad week at work, and she responded. To be honest, I wasn’t sure if her post made me feel uncomfortable or whether I was fine with it. I gaveRead… Read more »

Steve stole my title: 10 Reasons Why Government Shouldn’t Use Social Media ;)

Last week I hosted a session for the BC Public Service community on the topic, ‘The Future of Social Media in Government,’ in which Steve Ressler was a guest presenter. As Steve has mentioned, I opened the session listing the top 10 reasons for why we shouldn’t use social media in government. Being the CommunityRead… Read more »