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Courageous Followership & Intelligent Disobedience

In the Next Generation of Government Training Summit session, “Courageous Followership and Intelligent Disobedience: What the Best Leaders Expect from their Teams,” Ira Chaleff used three fun examples: dancing, more dancing (the tango), and guide dogs, to illustrate the concepts of his two books, “The Courageous Follower” and “Intelligent Disobedience.” To explain “followership,” Ira openedRead… Read more »

Leadership Demands Courage

With the start of the New Year I find myself in a reflective mood. Being an effective leader in government, with all the challenges of these tumultuous times, demands a deeper sense of courage and personal integrity. Leaders will be challenged to authentically stay true to our core beliefs and values. Certainly the dynamics ofRead… Read more »

Is suggesting things to your boss online, Right?

Today someone called the Community Manager (that’s me) to request that a comment posted by their employee be removed from the intranet site that all 30,000 employees have access to. The comment is in response to a corporately-supported article about supervisors, which invited people to share their thoughts online. The comment that incited the phoneRead… Read more »

“Letting Go” and Transforming Your Intimate FOE — Fear of Exposure: Part II

Part I of this two-part essay focused on my format for illustrating the concept of “Letting Go” during a 20-minute after dinner keynote for the career transition/support group, Forty Plus. [Email [email protected] for this essay.] I reviewed both the dynamics and dangers of not being able to “let go”: “if you have invested so muchRead… Read more »

In Challenging Times, No More “Inner Child”: Boldly Bring Your Inner Chutzpah

Over lunch, my agent posed a provocative challenge: “Write an article on chutzpah.” He believes the timing is right. In this difficult economy and uncertain times it’s certainly tempting to withdraw into a shell. But a better strategy might be a contrary one, throwing off the shell and putting yourself out there. One “chutzpah” sourceRead… Read more »