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Let Fear Be Your Guide

So, there I was returning from a few days of skiing in Steamboat Springs, Colorado and I find myself watching Man vs. Wild on the inflight entertainment. It seems host Bear Grylls had invited actor Jake Gyllenhall out on an expedition exploring Iceland during some pretty harsh conditions. Jake was speaking to the camera aboutRead… Read more »

What’s the Playlist for your Career?

Listening to music can generate powerful reactions and emotions. Instantly when we hear a particular song, we’re transported to another time and place in our lives – sometimes we wax nostaligically about those times while it may also remind us of a time we were struggling with an event or a broken heart. I’ve alwaysRead… Read more »

Tighten Your Budget Belt, maybe but It’s Time to Change Your Financial Pants!

How many times have we heard the phrase “well, we have to tighten our belt,” or “do more with less”…it’s so yesterday. A number of government leaders today approach problem-solving with the same old tools they’ve always used, and guess what, they’re not having the impact they once did. Progressive and aggressive leaders are translatingRead… Read more »

There is No Box: Uncertain Times Demand RAPID Innovation!

“Every act of creation is first an act of destruction“.– Pablo Picasso Conventional wisdom has been summarily discarded during these unprecedented times. Government leaders accustomed to relying on traditional tools to remedy temporary financial blips – increasing taxes while cutting expenses – have experienced a sobering realization that the current climate in most places aroundRead… Read more »