Let Fear Be Your Guide

So, there I was returning from a few days of skiing in Steamboat Springs, Colorado and I find myself watching Man vs. Wild on the inflight entertainment. It seems host Bear Grylls had invited actor Jake Gyllenhall out on an expedition exploring Iceland during some pretty harsh conditions. Jake was speaking to the camera about his various concerns, while not a novice survivor type, he admitted he was somewhat reluctant about this opportunity to test his intestinal fortitude and then remembered a quote he had heard – “Let Fear Be Your Guide.” What a powerful quote to examine. Fear can suppress us personally and professionally from pursuing our potential. Like most of you, I’ve known so many people throughout my life who created invisible barriers to following their dreams and decided to settle for what was comfortable or easily attainable. I’ve always sought to keep my life – personally and professinally – on an upward trajectory and as we realize, it takes effort and not just more of the same, but doing different things and doing things differently. While in Steamboat Springs, we went tubing which was exhilirating. My 6-year old son, Maximiliano, kept saying let’s go again, Dad! All you parents out there can relate. He didn’t really know it was a bit scary for his ol’ Dad flying down a packed sheet of snow and ice, on a piece of rubber at speeds which seemed close to qualifying for a NASCAR race. I admit when we stopped, my heart was racing but boy, did I feel totally in the moment and fully alive! My son simply wanted to experience the moment. I always share with my son, that it’ s okay to be afraid so long as it doesn’t stop you (him) from trying and I try to model that behavior. Ask yourself, when’s the last time you tested yourself – personally and professionally – I mean really put yourself in a situation where you felt uncomortable. It’s healthy and each of us grows when we “get out of our comfort zone” consciously and experience a new sensation. So, let fear be your guide and continue your journey of getting better all the time.

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