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Top 10 Social Media Tools to Determine Your Return on Investment

How do you ensure that you are properly using social media and not wasting time or money? Try these social media tools to measure your ROI! When utilizing social media, it is extremely important for organizations, especially public and nonprofit, to ensure that they are properly employing social media platforms to meet mission objectives. ToRead… Read more »

Logic Models: The Best Way to Ensure Proper Program Design and Implementation

Good Idea + Smart Design + Effective Implementation = Successful Program! Logic models are great way to gain a better understanding of a program and its position within the overall organization. Many program evaluators recommend organizations, especially public and nonprofit, create these models to ensure that a program is effective in meeting its intended goals.Read… Read more »

Thinking Outside of the Bin: Dayton Combines Technology and Incentives to Increase Recycling

Dayton, Ohio, utilizes tracking technology on recycling bins and monetary incentives to encourage more citizens to recycle. In September 2010, Dayton, Ohio, launched an incentive-based recycling program meant to encourage residents to become more proactive about recycling. The program consists of two components: (1) a technology component that involves asset-tracking technology on recycling bins andRead… Read more »

Don’t Mess With Texas: Can State Advertising Save the Environment?

Texas Department of Transportation’s anti-littering campaign celebrates twenty-five years of success We have all heard the phrase “Don’t Mess with Texas,” but very few people outside of Texas know its origins. In 1985, the Texas Department of Transportation introduced the slogan as part of a statewide advertising campaign to reduce littering on Texas roadways. Twenty-fiveRead… Read more »

The Case for Government Cooperation: Capital Bikeshare

Federal, State, and Local Governments Working Together When the Private Sector Falls Short As Ira Koretsky shared in his blog post today, Bike to Work Day was May 17th. In the post, he noted that the event attracted a record-breaking number of participants with over 14,500 registered riders from the greater Washington Area. That’s aboutRead… Read more »