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10 Best Practices to Implement When Designing Survey Questions

On Tuesday, July 9, I discussed the “10 Best Practices to Utilize When Designing an Effective Survey.” To complement this post, I will outline a few simple practices to follow when designing survey questions. These practices are overall meant to increase response rates and ensure validity is maintained. 1. Short as Possible: Questions should beRead… Read more »

Seven Lessons to Ensure Success of Customer Experience Initiatives

“To optimize both your market share and your margins, you must provide customers with consistent, compelling experiences—before, during, and after their purchases—across all channels.” – Oracle, Seven Power Lessons for Customer Experience Leaders With the increasing use of social media, it is more important than ever for organizations, both public and private, to provide theirRead… Read more »

10 Best Practices to Utilize When Designing an Effective Survey

Evaluations are becoming an important part of almost every government activity, especially the administration of grant programs. Many grant program evaluations use surveys to collect information from both benefactors and beneficiaries. For these surveys to be effective, they should follow a few simple best practices outlined below. 1. Brief, Smooth Introduction: This should provide theRead… Read more »

Sequestration versus PAYGO: Which Do You Prefer?

We all know a lot about sequestration, especially since we hear about it almost daily on the news or in conversations. However, very few individuals know that much about the PAYGO process, which replaced the sequestration procedures in 1990. Below, I outline (1) the history of PAYGO, (2) when it occurs, and (3) its currentRead… Read more »

New Public Management: A New Style for Government Administration

Is running the government like a business a good idea? New Public Management (NPM) is a relatively new style of government administration. In short, NPM revolves around running the government like a business. NPM focuses more specifically on seven different traits of running the government like a business: Customer orientation, Efficiency and effectiveness, Competition, possiblyRead… Read more »

Stakeholders: The Best Way to Make People Care About Evaluations

Effective government evaluations require the identification and engagement of stakeholders When constructing evaluations for the government, the best way to get people on your side is to identify and engage stakeholders. This is especially helpful when your particular government agency holds a negative view of evaluations. Below, I (1) define the stakeholder concept, (2) discussRead… Read more »

Who Is Better At Making Government Decisions: Bureaucrats or Elected Officials?

Carl Friedrich and Herman Finer debate the most effective way to ensure accountability of public officials In the Public Administration world, this question is almost always referred to as the Friedrich-Finer debate. In the beginning of the 1940s, Carl Friedrich and Herman Finer debate the most effective way to ensure accountability of public officials. ThisRead… Read more »

How Should the Government Be Evaluating Agencies and Programs?

Performance Measurement, Program Evaluation, Or Both; plus the importance of data in evaluation. The government is pushing evaluation, especially President Obama and the OMB. However, not many people have a clear understanding of the difference between performance measurement and program evaluation. Below, I outline the differences and discuss the importance of data. Performance Measurement: PerformanceRead… Read more »