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Who Needs Fantasy Football?

This NYT cabinet-picker sounds like a lot more fun to me. There again, I also think administration is fun. This makes me maybe not the best judge of popular taste. I also thought cool ranch doritos were a horrible idea, but look how well they turned out. I liked “The American Embassy,” too.

The Anger Of The Gods

Before I became Bureaucrates, Goddess of Bureaucracy, I was an alcolyte of Mediocrates, God of Mediocrity. Okay, I was actually a middle school kid studying Greek mythology in Ypsilanti, Michigan, in the 1980s, when the school district went on a tear about Achieving Excellence. Thus was Mediocrates born. His name is pronounced MEE-dee-o-crayts, of course.Read… Read more »

More on Clearances

Dead Men Working is touting a change to SCI clearance policies that may bode well for all of us Hyphenate-Americans out there. Okay, so I’m really a generic Irish/German/Something-American from the Midwest married to a former citizen of Kazakhstan, but I’m Russian by association. The point is that a lot of immigrants and their closeRead… Read more »


I just set up a group on GovLoop called “Government Security Clearances” that I hope can generate interagency discussion about how we as a government grant and uphold clearances to protect sensitive information. Different agencies set different standards for information access and staff conduct and use different resources to conduct background investigations and look intoRead… Read more »