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Partisanship is Killing Our Neighborhoods

Originally posted at Local Sid: Partisanship is Killing Our Neighborhoods My dear friend, Chuck Marohn, was on a radio show in Wisconsin this week called Koeping with Government. First let me say this. I think while Chuck has no doubt done some great things for the communities he has worked for, his greatest achievements —Read… Read more »

Real City Planning

Real city planning isn’t complicated. Real city planning doesn’t have to involve laws or regulations. Real city planning doesn’t need a degree or important people. Real city planning is you. You, your vision, your attitude for your community. The single greatest force in any community is the will of its people. Complacency, spirit de corps,Read… Read more »

Do Something Beautiful

Every project should have something beautiful about it. Whether it be a creek alignment project or a new asphalt road, beauty is a critical component of any local project. Without it, you stand a very good chance of losing public support for that project or even future endeavors. In real estate we call it curbRead… Read more »

Need your Municipal links!

Guy Kawasaki of wants to do a Municipal topic on alltop. So, I am looking for your suggestions for links. We are looking for sites relevant to municipalities. Not really looking for site about individual cities or elected officials. Good examples are Do you know sites are are relevant to municipalities?Read… Read more »