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Be Aware: Top 5 Cybersecurity Resources to Ward Off Threats

More likely than not, your favorite spooky movie involves a protagonist trying to ward off unwanted attackers. In “Scream,” Sidney Prescott has to identify and stop the masked murderer targeting her friends and family. In “Hocus Pocus,” Max, Dani and Allison have to rid three witches out of their town before they suck the youth out of the children who inhabit it. In Zombie… well, you can probably guess the premise of that one.

Protecting your agency from cyberattacks is a lot like being the protagonist in a spooky film, but worse. It’s a reality and sometimes you don’t have the right tools to defend yourself. Lucky for you, we’re here to help you be the hero of your own film. We’ve compiled a list of five killer resources you can use to help protect your agency from whatever witches, zombies and goblins may come your way.

Blog Post – How Hackers Unlock Your ‘Secure’ Front Door

Weak password management is a lot like leaving your door unlocked during a zombie apocalypse. All it takes is one weak password, one wrong click of the mouse or one sticky note to take down the entire network. This blog post highlights how your agency can start securing passwords with authenticated access and a password security framework.

6-Minute Video – The Need for Speed in Detecting and Responding to Cyberthreats

When faced with a horrifying situation, like masked villains or vengeful ghosts, time is of the essence. The best thing to do is act fast. When responding to cyber intrusions, its vital agencies react in time to prevent hackers from overrunning systems and networks. In this free video, you’ll learn the common forms of attack and how to stop them.

E-Book – The Cyber Aware Workforce

You can’t avoid a haunted house if you don’t know which house is haunted. Being aware of the threats around you is the first step in combatting them. With a majority of the workforce working from home, the stakes have never been higher regarding cybersecurity. In this free e-book, you’ll learn how to raise employees’ awareness of cybersecurity and create a stronger line of defense.

Research Brief – Zero Trust: An Updated Approach to Agency Cybersecurity

It’s said that the only way to kill a vampire is with a wooden stake, which is why being equipped with the right tools is important. For your agency, one of the many tools to help improve its cybersecurity is a zero-trust approach. Get your free copy of this new report to learn what a zero-trust model is and how it can enhance cybersecurity.

6-Minute Video – TIC 3.0: Connecting Agencies to Today’s Technologies

A well-known rule, or policy, when it comes to spooky films is that the characters should NOT investigate the scary sound coming from down in the basement. Similarly, a policy helping government protect its cybersecurity is the new Trusted Internet Connections policy. Check out this free video to learn how TIC 3.0 can help your agency stay secure.

We hope these resources help you protect your agency from cyberthreats and, of course, any spooky interferences that may come its way. Happy October!

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Avatar photo Mark Hensch

Thanks for taking such a valuable topic and pairing it with Spooky Season! These are valuable resources anytime, not just before Halloween!