Be Original

Nothing is free in life. If you copy someone else, or mimic an identity, words, or style, you won’t get a free ride, you’ll just look like a cheap rip off. Stop obsessing about what everyone else is doing, and find your own fire, burning in your own heart, and focus entirely on doing that unique thing. A college graduate recently asked me, “How do I get noticed by the leaders in the field I want to go into? What events should I go to? Who should I get to know?” My advice was, don’t worry about impressing the leaders – just put your head to the grindstone, do amazing work, and have that work speak for itself. The other way around is like trying to put pieces of sand in a jar, and then trying to shove in larger marbles. Put the big marbles in the jar first, and then the sand will all fit in perfectly around it. In other words, they will come to you, and yes, you’ll get noticed.

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i completely agree — nothing attracts attention more than engagement, excitement and enthusiasm for what you are doing. find that and you’re free from the obsessing about “what should i be doing to get ahead?” nice buck-up post for a Friday!