Best of 2010: GovLoop’s Top Photos

Well, 2010 was another awesome year at GovLoop and I’ve got to admit that GovLoopers are a pretty good-looking bunch of people! Don’t believe me? Well, see for yourself via the photos below. Some of the best photos of the year came during snowmageddon.

Of course, things looked quite a bit better a few weeks later when the cherry blossoms came into bloom. Randomly we didn’t any pictures from this years cherry blossoms but after some prodding in October we got Gadi Ben-Yehuda uploaded a ton of his great scenery pics from DC which including some great cherry blossom shots from 2007 (but he uploaded this year!)

Once the weather was back to normal it was time for GovLoopers to get out and do some work, starting with our GovLoop Volunteer Event in Arlington. The pic we chose is of Ramon Caban who was definitely the MVP of our efforts. The week after our volunteering we kicked off GovLoop’s first conference: The Next Generation of Government Summit. The conference was amazing and we are already looking forward to next year’s event. While there was a ton of awesome that came out of NGG 10 the buzz of the conference was definitely the Mingle Sticks!As we moved out of summer we started focusing on our GovUp initiative that allowed us to connect with more than 500 awesome govies across the states. Also GovUps gave Steve a chance to showcase his t-shirt throwing skills.

In between GovUps we still found time to hit up other events including the Gov 2.0 Summit. We could show you the pics for the Summit or we could show the pics from the happy hour after.

Alright now back to GovUps. Maybe the coolest thing about them was a chance to connect with great people that we interact with everyday online but never have truly met. One of those moments came with GovLoop Super User Henry Brown.

Even while some of the GovLoop team was traveling the globe meeting up with cool govies nationwide we were still doing things back in DC. One of those things was teaming with the CFC and hosting the lend a hand happy hour aimed at getting govies to give back for the holidays.

Also maybe our biggest moment of the year (at least press wise) was our Government Doesn’t Suck Rally. Never in my life did I think when I signed on with GovLoop I would get ripped on by FOX News but we had a good time supporting govies and that’s all that matters and we got some pretty awesome pics.

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