Best of 2010: Top 5 Federal Collaboration Projects

As Stephen points out, it’s the time of year for reflecting on the best of, and what better way than in classic GovLoop list-style. Here are some of my favorite 2010 Federal Collaboration Projects.

5. Piggy Bank Anyone?

As NextGov puts it: You’re never too young to learn financial responsibility. Back in August, the Treasury Department’s Bureau of the Public Debt launched an interactive website called TreasuryDirect KIDS to teach young children fiscal responsibility. This is one colorful, cartoon-filled, and child-friendly site. Lots of application in schools for this!

4. Dear Bed Bugs: You’re Going Down | Sincerely, EPA

I go to sleep and get bitten by bugs? Nasty! Thanks EPA for taking down these little pests. In October, EPA introduced a new search tool on its website that helps consumers take control of this truly gross epidemic.

3. HealthTaps Health Hackathon

Have you ever been in the car and wanted to know where healthy food options are along your commute? This is exactly the kind of innovation that came out of HealthTaps Health Hackathon (don’t try saying that 5 times fast or you’ll look a little crazy). HealthTaps partnered with Health 2.0 and HHS to hold a developer challenge based on the vast amounts of health data recently released by the US government. More than 200 designers, developers, and architectures rallied in Palo, Alto CA to get some health amazingness on. They delivered.

2. Idea Hub

In August, the DOT launched IdeaHub, bringing together 55,000+ employees spread across the country to collaborate on new ideas, and gain from each other’s expertise. Booya!

1. Let’s Move!

In February, first lady Michelle Obama rolled out Let’s Move, a national initiative to combat childhood obesity. As sited in the Washington Post, at its core, the initiative has four pillars: more nutrition information, increased physical activity, easier access to healthy foods and, ultimately, personal responsibility. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

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How about the launch of IdeaScale across multiple state and federal Agencies?

That was a hugely sucessful venture with a lot of participation from govvies and non-govvies alike.