Best of USAJobs June 7

USAJobs can be a great resource for those looking to enter public service for the first time or career public servants interested in finding new job opportunities. To help promote interest in the site and the thousands of jobs it has listed, GovLoop highlights some of the more interesting opportunities available in a blog post each week. Welcome to the latest edition of our exciting federal employment opportunities roundup!

  1. Prosthetist

If you’re looking for a chance to make a real difference, and you’ve got the requisite experience, this position from the Veterans Health Administration could be for you. They need someone who can help fit patients with custom orthotics and prosthetics and provide continuing support and evaluation. Click here to view the job.

  1. Director, Office of Environmental Health and Engineering

Are you a high-powered executive, effortlessly able to inspire, motivate, and transform? Then the Indian Health Service is in need of your services. They’re looking for someone to oversee all aspects of health care facility construction, and manage an operating budget that covers 35 states. Click here to view the job.

  1. Tree Worker

Trees make our lives possible through their relentless dedication to creating the oxygen that we breathe. If you want to give back to Washington, D.C.’s tree community, the National Park service has just the opportunity for you: they need someone to provide tree care and maintenance in the national parks of the D.C area. Click here to view the job.

  1. Airplane Flight Instructor

If you want to join the likes of Amelia Earhart and Charles Lindbergh as a storied and celebrated aviator, consider this job from the Department of Agriculture. They’re looking for someone to join the Wildlife Services Aviation program, overseeing the training of flight crew and conducting safety inspections. Click here to view the job.

  1. Financial Planning Specialist

If budgetary analysis is your name and financial planning is your game, the Defense Health Agency is in need of your talents. If you get the job, you’d be in charge of finance operations; budgeting; accounting; and modeling; and you would negotiate with contractors to ensure your agency is getting the best deals possible. Click here to view the job.

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