Can IT Save Government?

There are many fascinating trends shaping government today. Across the federal landscape, we hear about big data, cloud, mobile and going paperless as technology saviors for government. But even the best technology may not be enough. To truly change how government does business, we need the ability to connect people and process. Regardless of the technology solution deployed, transforming government requires leadership, passion and a commitment to excellence.

That’s not to say that these technologies are not important, or play an essential role in transforming the way in which government does business. Hyland shares a great case study that both shows the power of technology to improve service delivery, and also connects people to process in a way that improves the day-to-day of employees.

South Carolina: IT Reducing Costs and Improving Efficiency

South Carolina has 183 state agencies to serve its four million residents. A recent Hyland case study tells the story of how the state consolidated services and improved service delivery to citizens. It was not an obstacle-free process — the state was challenged by having nearly 160 systems for financial management and HR as well as over 14 million documents to process transactions. And since more than 70% of the state of South Carolina’s workforce is from the Baby Boomer generation, leaders feared a loss of institutional knowledge as the workforce begin to retire. For the state of South Carolina, without making changes to IT, service delivery was at risk.

Realizing the challenges, South Carolina moved to overcome these challenges by adopting a statewide SAP powered ERP system to optimize processes, and using OnBase to solve their document management issues. These solutions accommodated the needs of state agencies, and made documents web-accessible and scalable for future needs.

With OnBase, manual paper processes were eliminated, and paperless workflows were centralized through the ERP system for finance, accounting and procurement process. Hyland provides a few early signs of success:

  • ROI estimated at $7 million in annual savings
  • Improved transparency across state government
  • Document management and centralized IT has taken the burden of compliance away from employees, allowing them to focus on delivering improved services

Technology is an essential part of transforming how government operates – but the second part of the equation is people. Check our part 2 to learn more about the “people” side of the equation.

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