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City On a Hill: Turning the Dreams of the Past into the Reality of the Future

When America’s founding fathers created the framework for government, they wanted a system to inspire the world. They sought to make the United States “a city on a hill” that would inspire democracy, equality, and liberty.

Achieving this dream has been an uphill battle. Yet, the resources we have today could make the climb easier for government agencies. How can we put the past ideas of our leaders together with the technology of the future to make the “city on a hill” reality?

Every journey begins with a single step. But we know any hike is made easier with a trail map. That’s why we created this infographic to take government agencies from their baseline up to peak service, efficiency, and inspiration.

Agencies should come to their “basecamp” ready to be transparent and efficient. Through technology, agencies can share with their constituents what they are working on and constituents can provide feedback, in real time, of what agencies can do to improve. Next, agencies should know the state of their service by reviewing the needs of constituents and their own policies. Agencies must then create a route forward, connecting new technology and requirements with verified practices. Finally, agencies need to expect the unexpected: they must create alternate routes in their plans that allow for an avalanche of regulations, security concerns, and changing demographics that might suddenly head their way.

Some great examples of how to work towards these steps are included in our infographic. For example, by incorporating technologies such as cloud computing, enterprise content management (ECM), and offline access the federal government could save $2.5 billion over the next three years. Check out the interactive infographic to learn more. Simply click on the image to view the full interactive version, which contains more information on how to get government closer to its goal.

Download the PDF version here.

OnBase is a proven enterprise content management solution for each level of government, helping each meet today’s challenges of smaller budgets and staffs while laying the foundation for simplified, efficient and mobile government information technology. To learn more, visit Hyland’s resources page on GovLoop.

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