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Collaborate to Reduce Your Cybersecurity Risk 

A whole-of-state cybersecurity approach brings together agencies at the city, county and state levels to create a brain trust, using their collective knowledge and experiences to subvert malicious attacks.   

How can your agency kickstart a whole-of-state approach?  

Advocate: The National Association of State Chief Information Officers state that “tight collaboration provides greater security across the state,” but because it’s a newer concept, IT leaders will need to articulate and evangelize this vision in order to drive cultural change.  

Explore collaboration tools: Coordinating a joint cyber task force or shared services initiative can build closer collaboration with government agencies.  

Use federal grants: IT leaders should tap funding mechanisms that support a whole-of-state approach, as eliminating funding concerns can help IT leaders in advocating for whole-of-state.  
For more advice and insight on forming a whole-of-state approach, download this e-book.  

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