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Collecting Data About Big Data

In true data-geek fashion, we collected some data points about big data during a recent online training.

On Thursday, April 10th, GovLoop and Cloudera hosted a virtual training session on leveraging an enterprise data hub (EDH) to solve your most complicated big data problems.

An enterprise data hub has the power to place your data at the center of your enterprise, providing insights to inform decision-making at every level. Specifically, with an EDH, data can be stored in its original format and integrated with your existing data storage infrastructure. It can also support additional uses, such as enterprise search features and advanced analytics.

During the EDH training session, we collected some data from the audience:

Beneficial Use Cases of Big Data

Viewers expressed an overwhelming interest in leveraging big data to capture efficiency and efficacy gains in their organizations.

  • 67 percent cited research and innovation as a beneficial use case
  • 71 percent cited operational improvement
  • 44 percent cited cost efficiency

Working With Hadoop

Apache Hadoop is an open-source software platform designed for the distributed processing of large-scale datasets across clusters of commodity servers. It is one of many leading big data solutions available today. Among other benefits, Hadoop provides many technical solutions to problems and costs associated with the traditional data warehouse. But best of all, it can be used to augment your existing warehouse so you can capture new benefits from current investments. If you aren’t current using Hadoop, but are still interested in big data, you aren’t alone:

  • 50 percent of users reported they are new to Hadoop
  • 37 percent are exploring Hadoop
  • 10 percent are using Hadoop in production environments

Next Steps

After the training, a majority of users responded that they wanted to learn more about building an enterprise data hub.

If you want to learn more about employing an enterprise data hub at your agency, you can view an archived recording of the online training in its entirety here.

The panel featured the following speakers:

  • Robert Bectel, Chief Technology Officer and Senior Policy Advisor at the U.S. Department of Energy
  • Matthew Carroll, General Manager at 42Six
  • Webster Mudge, Senior Director of Technology Solutions at Cloudera

These experts shared the following insights:

  • How an EDH provides scalable solutions for government and gives decision makers the right tools and the right data for effective outcomes.
  • Why an EDH provides visibility and analysis to all your data, which can help to cut waste, fraud, and abuse and promote better and safer collaboration.
  • The tools and best practices needed to create a progressive approach for cost-efficient data management.
  • Methods to accelerate your time-to-value with your data and improve mission critical functions at your agency.

We’ve also provided you with a number of additional resources for those looking to harness the untapped potential of their agency’s data:

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Cloudera is revolutionizing enterprise data management with the first unified Platform for Big Data: The Enterprise Data Hub. Cloudera offers enterprises one place to store, process and analyze all their data, empowering them to extend the value of existing investments while enabling fundamental new ways to derive value from their data. Learn more here.

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