10 Reasons to Attend WIRe Conference 2010

10. This conference set the bar for Enterprise 2.0 for Government in the third year of its existence in 2008.

9. While we are at it, it set the bar for Government 2.0 events as well.

8. The speakers are not the same people you see all the time on the Government circuit.

7. The event is open to all levels of United States (Federal, State, Local) Government, first responders, and Government Change Makers. (You must be a US Citizen to attend).

6. Its Free!

5. Its at the Gaylord National in National Harbor. Have you seen this place… its beautiful. Close to metro and Reagan National Airport.

4. Its something other to do than complain about the #snoverkil hashtags about #snowmaggedon

3. We are having not only a conference, but a WIReCamp during the event as well. To talk about making action on the items that bug us the most about getting beyond tools in Government, to actual Change in Government.

2. Its mult-conversational. For innovators, managers, policy makers, and practitioners.

1. Didn’t I mention, Its free? Well it is… and if you carpool, you will be doing your part to help keep DC Green.



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Andrea Baker

Keith, thank you for the offer. We are going virtual with our attendance as we did in 2008 and recording this, using social media and web broadcasting tools. I will look into opengovtv and see if its viable to do with this short turn around.

Andrea Baker

Mara I will let you all know. For those who did not attend, we got a lot out of the WIReCamp — a quickfire event during the conference to capture the pull of info from our attendees. This was a beneficial discussion on all levels and the results will be posted to Intellipedia if you have access. Additionally, the need was quickly established a follow-up camp needs to happen. As such I have one in the works for 6 months approximately from now. Please stay tuned for more information. The name of the camp will probably be different to be more inclusive to the Government community at large.