100 Power Words for Your Resume

RedStarResume produced a list of Power Words they claim “will increase your chances of getting hired by 80%!”

While I can’t attest to this claim, their list is full of action verbs that help writers paint an excellent verbal picture of their work experience; this makes it a LOT easier for those who read resumes to see that you qualify for a job!

So, I thought I’d share this list with you in hopes that someone might benefit.

Please let me know if any of these words make a difference in your ability to land a job!

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Andy Lowenthal

I happen to like designed, influenced, mentored, and strengthened.

Careful choice of action verbs obviously cannot make up for substantial gaps in skills or experience. That being said, word choice on a resume (especially when a cover letter is absent) can provide a relatively accurate preview of one’s writing ability — a particularly important skill for most public service roles in all levels of government.

Kathleen Smith

The caution should be that keywords are what recruiters search on. If a job seeker uses these words more than the actual work they did i.e. cyber, ICDC, or something that talks directly to the program they worked on, these words won’t help them.

And if you use these words, use them correctly and intelligently in a description, not just a string of them which I have seen frequently.