I gave birth to my first son, Eddie, when I was 27 years old. The world changed for me and my husband Ed – being a parent is a heady responsibility. I remember thinking I would never get a good night’s sleep ever again, but I eventually did. I remember thinking our kids would never stop using diapers, but they did. I remember thinking that we were out of our minds to let our kids start driving, and we were. We are now empty nesters, but we are fortunate in that we get to see our kids on a fairly regular basis. We are very happy with and proud of our two sons, Eddie and Ian. Last night we celebrated Eddie’s 27th birthday (which is today, Happy Birthday Eddie!) with Eddie’s girlfriend, Megan; our son Ian and his fiancée, Bridget; and Eddie’s roommate, Josh. I can’t believe how quickly these past 27 years have passed. When I was 27, I felt as though I were still just discovering the world and I had all the time imaginable before me. I hope Eddie feels the same.

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