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3 Tips To Combat The Overwhelm

3 Tips To Combat The Overwhelm by andres.thor via Flickr

Once you’ve laid out some clear goals and the strategies and tasks to accomplish them, you need a way to stay focused.

This applies in your own project management career activities, your day job, or even goals you are trying to accomplish around the house.

On that topic, I’ve written articles and produced videos to help address this problem.

Weapons of Mass Distraction – Stay focused, and help others stay focused whom you work with.

Covey’s 4 Quadrants – Keep them in mind as you get hit with new tasks or ideas.

Personal Kanban – something I use to stay focused and on-task myself.

Stay focused!

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Josh Nankivel

Thanks T. Jay, me too. I was sorry when I heard Goldratt passed away last week.

For me, diving into TOC really helped shape my philosophy around avoiding student syndrome and Parkinson’s law, the use of buffers for managing workflow, and systems thinking in general with identifying and managing constraints in any system…from your personal life to a huge project or operation.

Here’s an example where I applied TOC focusing steps to a problem of the project manager being the bottleneck for the project team: Are You The Bottleneck?

And for those new to TOC: What is TOC?