North Carolina IT vendor webinar recap: INSA recommendations overview

Deltek Associate Research Analyst Randi Powell reports.

As North Carolina looks to become the latest state to move toward outsourcing its IT consolidation and modernization efforts, it also hopes to avoid the much-publicized missteps of other states. North Carolina is taking great pains to assess its options, review case studies, collaborate with vendors, and develop best practices to ensure success, all while remaining transparent. A show of this open approach occurred on June 9, 2011, when North Carolina’s CIO Jerry Fralick held a webinar to discuss the recommendations from the IT Infrastructure Study and Assessment (INSA) report conducted by TPI and released in April. Fralick and his team provided a summary of the TPI report as well as an overview of how the state could move forward with those recommendations.

Jack Markle, program manager for the INSA/Consolidation Initiative, explained how the current focus is on developing best practices for the implementation of the state’s IT consolidation and modernization. The state recognizes its limitations in being less agile due to its public sector business structure, and hopes to emphasize and enact feasible modifications and proper execution. In order to accomplish this, the state is considering project-wide and service-tower specific best practices, which include:

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