Build Interest in Your Agency Through Social Media

Now that social media has permeated our everyday lives, government agencies are increasingly using channels such as Facebook and Twitter to connect with the public. But is your organization’s content interesting or engaging enough to keep followers coming back? Consider some of the following the next time you post.

1. Inject fun into your message

Recently, my agency started sharing its job openings on Twitter. Instead of posting a standard, straightforward notice about a position, try to find a fun, clever way to generate interest about the job.

Here’s a sample tweet from a recent opening:

Forget CSI – apply to be a #chemist at the #OregonOSHA lab. Solve #workplace exposures.

SAIF Corporation, the Oregon workers’ compensation carrier, also uses some witty language to advertise its openings on Facebook:

2. Tell your story through visuals

Working for a government regulatory agency doesn’t always lend itself to photos you might consider “shareable,” but we have a lot of information people find useful or necessary to know. If presented in a smart, visual way, you can maximize your message.

For example, create a graphic that includes a statistic or fact. It not only allows you to squeeze more information into a post, it makes your feed a resource for your industry and the public.

3. Take advantage of trending topics

Shark Week, Black Friday, and the polar vortex are all past trending topics that can help you relate to your audience. If you can tie the topic to your mission or identity, it’s more likely to be shared for its creativity.

When it comes to the public sector, it’s important to make sure the tone of the post is consistent with the agency’s mission. The U.S. Department of Labor shared this creative tweet to promote raising the minimum wage, while using National Hot Dog Day as a hook.

If you can find ways to use humor, smart language, and creative visuals to present information, your followers will be back for more.

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