5 Best of All Things Sterling 2010

2010 is almost over, so cheers to a year in review. It’s interesting to see some stories turn up on this list. I didn’t expect “Acquisitions Affect Average Americans” to show. I wrote it while I was in an airport, but it has a personal touch that streches decades. “Mock Negotiations” also turned out to be true in practice. It started as a series of notes and turned into a helpful list.
  1. DAU’s Gaming Tsaritsa: Dr. Alicia Sanchez: This interview received a fair amount of notice. DAU has added its games section since this article was posted. I spent 3 hours reviewing the games today, and I’m thoroughly impressed. Alicia Sanchez is definitely on the right path.
  2. Acquisitions Affect Average Americans: This story shows acquisition policies can change someone’s life even 60 years later.
  3. Mock Negotiations for Contract Specialists: These lessons have held up in practice, especially having a laptop in negotiations.
  4. Contract Portfolio Lessons for Beginners: These are short analyses of modern portfolio theory, project portfolio management, behavioral economics and characteristics of good portfolio tools.
  5. My Job is All About Relationships: Making sure you really care for your customers.

Do you think I am wrong? What should have been on this list?

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I love acquisitions affect average americans. Personally, I think more could be done to show how important the work of acquisition professionals is, tied to mission, and average citizens