5 Fallacies of Government Series: Is the Government a Terrible Buyer?

FederalNewsRadio’s 5 Fallacies of Government? series is officially underway. Each day this week, we’ll examine a commonly held belief about the federal government to determine if it holds any weight.

Today’s topic: Is the government a terrible buyer? The $500 hammer. The $1,000 toilet seat. These are among the most criticized examples of government spending. But are they the rule or the exception? And are higher costs justified? In our investigation, we interview former GSA executives responsible for setting acquisition policy, industry experts whose goal it is to help government get the best deal and current contractors who sell their products to the government. We also hear from the head of the Federal Acquisition Service about his thoughts on the value in the deals government makes.

We also want to know what you think about the government’s buying habits. We’ve set up a discussion board right here on GovLoop. So check it out and see what others are saying!

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