5 reasons to Pin It For the Planet

I realize this is a Canadian event taking place next week, but I can’t think of one reason why we in the US of A can’t join our North American neighbors and do our part. So what do you say, can’t you at least try??

Reasons why driving your car isn’t doing you any favors:

1. Traffic congestion, rush hour — all the headaches, not to mention time sitting in traffic

2. Gas prices — they seem to be on the rise — think of the money you’ll save

3. Do the pounds keep piling on? — walking to work, to the bus stop, or riding your bicycle is great exercise

4. Give your vehicle a vacation — save on wear and tear

5. The planet will thank you and you’ll breathe easier

So hop ( bike, carpool, telecommute, take public transporation, or walk) to it! Pin your car key on your shirt and get out there!


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Stephen Peteritas

Complete agree especially for all those people living in DC and can easily grab the metro and hoof it to work.