Many questions, few answers… Are you using YouTube enough?

I have blogged for a while now and have enjoyed every post, every
comment, every interaction that has resulted from these written posts.
Within the last couple of weeks I began my YouTube channel to add a
more rich, complete, experience to my content. Please check
it out and subscribe
so I know it’s worth the time and effort. :-)

YouTube feels like a no brainer for any organization or person, and with statistics like these, who can argue:

  • YouTube content is viewed more than 2 billion times a day.
  • The average person spends 15 minutes a day on YouTube.
  • YouTube is not a US-only channel, 70% of YouTube traffic is from outside the US

With information like this in front of you why wouldn’t you jump on the video band wagon? I have seen videos, and am using them
successfully at Swimfish as well, for customer service efforts around
best practices, training, etc.. We are also using more and more videos
in the marketing and selling process..

For my blogging efforts I expect viewing numbers to increase slowly, overtime. As with the written word you must deliver great content and
must drive awareness of the channel.

I would love to hear from all of you, though, and better understand your thinking around YouTube.

  • Do you like video blogs?
  • Where do you most often watch these posts (at home, in the office)?
  • Do you prefer video vs. audio vs. the written word?
  • Did you subscribe to my video channel yet? 🙂


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Alexander Hunziker

2 billion users, woah, sounds like a lot. But they are all watching Christina Aguilera and the like. Getting more that one billionth of the cake is not that easy.

John Moore

The majority of the views are nonsense,non-business related. That is true. However, there is a lot of great content and your goal should not be to be #1 on the charts, it should be to deliver great content that your users can make use of in a manner that is convenient for some segment of your users.

It is, however, a choice of where you invest resources and time. Creating video is easy enough that you should be able to create at least a video or two a month, but your time and needs will vary.

Henry Brown

The problem CURRENTLY is a significant percentage of organization still believe that viewing video’s REGARDLESS of subject is a terrible waste of time and bandwidth. and as such still ban direct access to You-Tube or any other video feed at the end user level. MOST people tend to try and keep some kind of balance between work and life and as such will watch “Christina Aguilera” or “Iron Baby” vs. Video blogs or work related tutorials.