5 Updated Rules of LinkedIn Etiquette

So this is going to be the fifteen millionth article on the subject.

But I don’t care, and you should read it.

Because it will make you look like less of an asshole for the rest of your life.

Isn’t that worth five minutes?

Here goes:

1. DO NOT SEND MASS EMAILS EVER unless there is a significant and compelling reason the people on the email would want to receive it.

2. DO NOT CONNECT WITH WOMEN TO TELL THEM THEY ARE PRETTY and to ask help with your child-rearing.

3. If you ask someone on LinkedIn for informal advice and you’re lucky to enough to get it, SAY THANK YOU.

4. In that little circle, where it says “Profile Photo,” PUT YOUR PHOTO as in ONE INVOLVING YOUR FACE. If you’re posting weird photos here, just one question…WHY?

5. DO NOT POST NASTYGRAMS. Do not tell people they are stupid or that their blog posts are stupid or that their comments make no sense or in any way convey your disrespect for their right to exist and to breathe the same LinkedIn air that you do, that we all do. Yes it’s okay to think all of those things, but this is a little fishbowl we’ve got going here, and do you know what? WHEN YOU ACT LIKE A JERK, WE DON’T LIKE YOU.

This world we live in now…it’s a very small sandbox. Your etiquette on LinkedIn tells a potential employer, or employee, exactly who you are.

Do your very best to play nice.

Photo via Texas A&M University. All opinions are my own and do not represent those of my agency or the federal government as a whole.


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