6 IT trends government IT managers should be wary of — Government Computer News

Interesting editorial: http://tinyurl.com/p2n4pe

I say “editorial” because it’s very much an (albeit educated) opinion of the author (Michael Daconta), and I’m not sure I agree with all of it. I guess I’m usually more of a mind to make these new ideas work in a government environment rather than saying a given technology is “too hard” or “not soup yet” for government use…but then, I like to dream!

In particular, I’m very interested in scaling Agile practices to large-scale projects, which Mr. Daconta sees as impractical. Especially egregious, to me, is the statement “I have never met a government program manager who is available on a daily or even weekly basis to help design an application on the fly.” I would ask “why not?” What’s more important to the program manager than making sure the program is successful?!

I’m interested in GovLoop-ers opinions on applying Agile to large-scale projects…

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