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9 things I Learned at the Next Generation of Government

These are 9 things I came up with as I was “downloading” from the event the morning after. Please add your own in the comments below!

9. Myth: You can do it all and get A’s on everything (Frank DiGiammarino, its a realization I’ve come to before, but its always good to be reminded of this)

8. Misti Burmeister might be the most energetic person I’ve ever met.

7. Nick Charney might be second.

6. It’s a Career to Manage your Career (Frank DiGiammarino)

5. Unrealistic timelines and cost projections are the biggest barriers to implementation in government (William Eggers)

4. The Doom Loop (Frank DiGiammarino)

3. It is amazing what people hear. I asked/answered questions in sessions that I didn’t think anything about at the time, but ended up being approached by an audience member later on to discuss it further.

2. I’m not alone.

1. Public servants are creative, bright, cool, hardworking, passionate individuals. (And in Canada, they can even swear!)

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Jay S. Daughtry, ChatterBachs

Thanks for sharing from what you learned, Tracy. #5 is key: unrealistic timelines and cost projections. Could you explain what “The Doom Loop” is?

Tracy Kerchkof

“The Doom Loop” is the central concept of a book called “The Doom Loop System” by Dory Hollander. This article explains the concept really well. What the article doesn’t get into is how a lot of the time, we get bored with a job and leave it, but take a new job where we are still doing things we are good at, but don’t like (Quadrant III). We then move from job to job without getting any happier. The place we are happiest is Quadrant I, and when seeking new jobs, we should look for one that puts us in that spot.