Transparency, the dirtiest word in our social world

Transparency sounds like a great goal, a key attribute that people point to when they discuss the benefits of social media and nearly every social+ framework. Why wouldn’t transparency make sense, the concept makes us think of pulling aside the curtain (picture the Wizard of Oz), eliminating hidden deals, hidden agendas, working purely for the goals stated.

It sounds a little Utopian, in fact…. Aldous Huxley would be excited to see it taking up so much of our time, so much of our thinking….

The problem with transparency, of course, is how far does an organization need to take the concept and what does it really mean when applied to any given function?

Well, first off, the key for any organization is to meet their defined goals, deliver information/value where and when needed. In fact, each organizational goal will require a different degree of “transparency” ranging from completely open to completely closed. Each can be right for a given organizational goal at a given time.

The key for success within The Social Ecosystem (or any of the components of the overall Ecosystem), is to focus on organizational goals first, define strategies and tactics second. The strategies and tactics will lead you to the level of transparency required. As always,let common sense organizational strategies lead your way, not buzz words.


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