A few news stories worth noting

So, I feel like during the past few days there have been quite a few interesting news stories (related to social media) worth sharing. I’d love to hear your thoughts on them!

Social Authority Scores for Job Seekers — Hmm…interesting way to establish professional credibility in online, social space.

Roger Ebert’s Tweet: Bad Tweet, or Bad Timing? — What I think is worth mentioning most is that Ebert said maybe he shouldn’t have been so quick to Tweet. There is certainly some discussion to be had around the topic of impulse and immediate effect of social media content. Sure you can take it down…but often the damage is already done. Think BEFORE you Tweet! The same principle of walking away from a steamy email to think about possible backlash (or misinterpretation) before you send it can certainly be applied to sharing via social media.

Great ways to use QR Codes — I heart QR codes, I’m a hug fan! I was especially happy to see these fun, innovative uses for engaging users with the technology. And I REALLY like the idea of a creating short, easy videos to explain how they work with a campaign.

Upcoming app lets people get more personal in social space — I thought this sounded pretty cool–kinda like peeling another layer of the social onion. I think the incredibly large amount of people who Tweet about what they are eating, reading, watching or wearing will especially like this app.

The Civil War Today–iPad app — OK, this one is just plain cool. Reliving the Civil War as it unfolds using an online newspaper. I want to buy an iPad just to use this app!

Well, this is what I’ve been buzzing about lately…how about you?

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