A Follow-Up on Fracking

Following up on yesterday’s report on hydraulic fracturing – often called fracking – we’re sharing a New York Times article about some new concerns over water safety and gas wells.

Some environmental groups and public officials in New York State, including State Assemblyman Kevin A. Cahill, Chairman of the Committee on Energy, are concerned about the potential for flooding in areas that could see drilling activities and/or house drilling materials. In a recent New York Times article, Mr. Cahill calls for new floodplain maps to be created for areas where natural gas development may take place to better understand the risks of flooding that could lead to water contamination.

The question isn’t weather or not to locate potentially hazardous materials in a floodplain, but rather where the floodplains themselves are located. The NYT article notes that recent storms in the Northeast have highlighted the need for accurate maps. Overall, it seems that concern over potential damage at some Pennsylvania drilling sites that experienced high water levels has brought the environmental dangers of fracking to the forefront once again.

Read the full article at the New York Times

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