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I’ve been busily working away creating training plans for lots of government clients. Government organizations are really interested in “bite-sized” trainings because they are unable to pull staff off the phones or counters for full-day traditional training. So I thought I’d share part of one of the new 20-Minute Refresher Modules with you. Please feel free to finish it out with your own customized thoughts and implement it with your team. Let me know what you think!

Great Service Every Day – What’s In It For Me*?

Learning Objectives:

¨ Being great at customer service makes everyone’s jobs easier and decreases job stress.

¨ Being great at customer service allows you to help more people in the same amount of time.

¨ Being great at customer service allows you to control the quality of your reputation and the reputation of your department in the community.

Point 1

“Does anyone like to get dirty looks, hear the heavy sighs of people waiting in line, or like to get yelled at during the day? Of course not. If we focus on providing great service to every person every day, including internal customers (our team members and other department employees) and external customers, people will have a better experience and behave differently towards us every day.”

Point 2

“What’s your gut feeling: does it take longer to help someone resolve their issue and move on with their day if they are upset, or if they are in a regular sort-of mood?” [if they are upset]. “In fact, studies have shown that it could take up to five times longer to help someone that is upset over someone who is not. If we do what we can to provide a good experience for our customers, they won’t get as upset, or upset as often, an we’ll be able to assist more people and decrease wait times, thereby providing even better service!”

Point 3

“Every time you pick up the phone, send an email, step up to a counter or visit a customer in the field, you represent your entire organization and certainly this department to that person. What they think of you is what they will think of the agency. If we have a good reputation, and customers are expecting quick and fair interactions, do you think their attitude will be different towards us then if they expect a fight? (of course). You are a big part of creating the reputation this department, and the agency, has in the community.”

“The impression you make on every person every day makes a big difference.”

Interactive Component: (Customize with an exercise to demostrate these points)

Tips: Review the customer service actions/behaviors/tips defined by your agency for customer service expectations of staff.

Wrap up questions

  1. “Why does it benefit every public employee to be great at customer service?”
  2. “What are the behaviors that say to you: I’m getting great service.”
  3. “What is one thing you will commit to improve in your service delivery”

(Thank everyone for attending and dismiss.)

*Training adapted from: Brick, Wendi “The Science of Service: Six Essential Elements for Creating a Culture of Service in the Public Sector.” 2010. www.TheScienceOfService.info.

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