A piggy attitude about Swine Flu

Vice President Biden’s advice that during the flu epidemic people should avoid subways and planes earned criticism from a representative of the travel industry. Well, I say, good for you Mr. Vice President, and to the travel industry I say – sit down, shut up, and worry more about your fellow citizens and less about your profit margins. Anyone who would suggest stuffing themselves into a crowded air plane or subway car obviously hasn’t done so lately. This morning, riding the Washington DC Metro from Shady Grove to Crystal City, I observed several people coughing without covering their mouths. A young lady behind me sneezed and I could feel the spray of moisture from her exhalation on the back of my neck. She didn’t even bother saying excuse me, and I didn’t feel much like saying ‘bless you.’
If people were less inconsiderate and more aware of the needs of others in public, it might not be such a problem, but as it is, getting into a situation of reciruclated air with an airborne virus that we have not developed a vaccine for is foolish. If the travel industry is more concerned with its profits than our health, I say, to heck with the travel industry.

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Carla Steinborn

Hear hear!! Well said.

It’s kind of disappointing to see the Obama “Change” administration playing the same old game. There are so many better ways they could have handled Biden’s honest comments.

Allen Sheaprd


Bird flu has produced the same reaction. I share Carla’s words.

We the people can take the truth, we can handle the truth for “We the people” will do most of the work to make any set of plans happen.

Do stay alert and informed. We are up to 19 states now.


Allen Sheaprd

There could be alot of hype. Swine flu is not all that dangerouse.

Looking back we see:
an unknown virus going from nothing to Phase 5 in under a month.
Swine flu from Mexico not China
Blogs and wikis set up for Bird flu pressed into action for swine flu
No mass panic but lots of searching by the people
Schools and business thinking about COOP not only of CFO/CIO, CEO but ot the “little people”
What can happen
Alot of tough questions asked that only a few had considered.

I hope this is not “much to do about nothing” but chance to learn and preapre. Pandemic, like hurricane and earthquakes do happen. So far there is nothing to say a real pandemic will not happen

Look at the last pandemic – HIV. A small virus that spread round the world. We still do not have a vaccine nor a cure.

Allen Sheaprd

BTW – to all the flu bloggers, HHS webcasts, CDC folks – Hat tip and thank you! We where far more ready for this because of you.
Sincere Regards,

Charles A. Ray

Let’s hope this is ‘much ado about nothing.’ I think the President’s words, “a cause for concern, but not alarm” are still the best advice. It does seem apparent that the current epidemic has hit Mexico harder than other areas, but we must still exercise prudent caution. The influenza virus is highly adaptable, and in the age of jet travel can move around the globe rapidly. Just yesterday, two of my staff were on a flight from Munich to Washington that had to be diverted to Boston because one of the passengers became ill. CDC moved in quickly to examine and clear the flight to proceed after the ill passenger was removed for treatment. I totally agree with Allen, we were more prepared for this than we’ve been in the past. We can only pray and keep our fingers crossed that this will pass with no greater loss than has already been experienced.