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Just completed my third fantasy novel

Having done eight mysteries, two books on leadership, and two fantasy mynovels, I tried hand at conyemporary urban fantasy. I also decided to give Barnes and Noble’s new Nook program a try. “Wallace in Underland” for the Nook is at Nook software is also available for use on PC or Mac for those who’dRead… Read more »

Remembering Larry Eagleburger

Lawrence Eagleburger, the only career FSO to serve as Secretary of State, died this past Saturday. I served in the Department during the time Mr. Eagleburger was Deputy Secretary, at the time the highest post in the Department a career diplomat could aspire to. I remember him for his unwavering support for those below himRead… Read more »

Will You Apply for Medicare When You Retire? I’m Thinking I Just Might Not

I recently did an OpEd on Yahoo News on my views of Medicare and some of the pending proposals to reform the system. As I was writing the article, I came to a somewhat startling conclusion. Check this link to see what it was: How many other federal workers out there are concerned aboutRead… Read more »

Work-Life Balance

As I get ready to turn my computer off and head home – breathing a sigh of relief that today at least I have no evening activities – I wanted to share a little conversation I just had with one of my agency heads about balancing work with being a real human being. I recentlyRead… Read more »

An explanation of how US sanctions impact or do not on Zimbabwe’s prospects for elections.

Charles Ray to be interviewed on Until You Walk the Path You Won’t Know Where it Goes

The Internet talk radio show Until You Walk the Path You Won’t Know Where it Goes will interview Charles Ray about leadership, politics, and life in general, as well as his two recently published books on June 14 at 5 pm eastern time. To read the complete release, go to The broadcast can beRead… Read more »

A piggy attitude about Swine Flu

Vice President Biden’s advice that during the flu epidemic people should avoid subways and planes earned criticism from a representative of the travel industry. Well, I say, good for you Mr. Vice President, and to the travel industry I say – sit down, shut up, and worry more about your fellow citizens and less aboutRead… Read more »