A Rare Opportunity – Free Classic Harvard Business Review Articles

Microsoft has sponsored several classic Harvard Business Review articles for free download, including three of my favorites:

“What Makes a Leader by Daniel Goleman
“Level 5 Leadership” by Jim Collins
“What Great Leaders Do” by Marcus Buckingham.

This is very cool. HBR normally charges $6.50 for each of these articles. Please do not post, copy or distribute these articles. You can download the articles for yourself, but if you wish to share them with others you should just send the link. Enjoy!

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Abigail Friedman

Great. Thanks, Don. I wonder why these three? Are there more? Is there a plan to do this regularly? One of my favorite HBR articles is by Barbara Kellerman, “What Every Leader Needs to Know about Followers.” (Dec. 2007)

Don Jacobson

Abigail – I believe there are a total of 5 free HBR articles currently available at that link. I’m not sure what motivated Microsoft to select these five, but I think they are great picks. I’m pretty sure they are among the most popular HBR articles of the last several years.

Henry Brown


from “publisher” of the Harvard Business Review


Harvard Business School has a long tradition of practice-oriented research and teaching that has a profound and far-reaching impact on business and management education world wide.

HBS Working Knowledge is a forum for innovation in business practice, offering readers a first look at cutting-edge thinking and the opportunity to both influence and use these concepts before they enter mainstream management practice.

Every day, HBSWK features new work from among the more than 200 HBS faculty at the forefront of their diverse fields of expertise, providing a valuable source of inspiration for executives, entrepreneurs, and managers seeking to keep their organizations at the leading edge of innovation and change.

Working Papers currently available:

Platform Competition, Compatibility, and Social Efficiency
Goals Gone Wild: The Systematic Side Effects of Over-Prescribing Goal Setting
Unravelling in Two-Sided Matching Markets and Similarity of Preferences
An Exploration of the Japanese Slowdown during the 1990s

Coming Soon:

Dangers of uncontested decision making
Working paper: Virtual Team Learning

Denise Hill


Thank you for sharing. I used to subscribe to HBR. These articles make me wonder why I don’t cut out a few snacks and subscribe again.

Duane Karlen

I recently subscribed to HRB and am so glad I did. Getting the publication delivered regularly is a real incentive to reading it instead of just picking up the occasional article that gets referred my way.

Another great periodical on leadership that I just discovered is “Leader to Leader” published quarterly by the Institute of the same name.