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Employee Engagement is Not an HR Function

Now that the White House has declared its intention to improve employee engagement throughout the Federal workforce, it’s a safe bet that we’ll be hearing that term a lot more in the next few years. And it’s an even safer bet that responsibility for this initiative will be tasked out to the human resources officesRead… Read more »

White House Makes Employee Engagement a Priority Goal

On March 10 the White House released its Cross-Agency Priority Goals for the FY2015 budget. Of the 15 goals, I was especially pleased to see one on “People and Culture” that says: GOAL STATEMENT: Innovate by unlocking the full potential of the workforce we have today and building the workforce we need for tomorrow. TheRead… Read more »

Tips for Change Agents

Many of us in government want to change the way our agencies work. These changes can take many forms. Some of us may want to fix a process or change/eliminate counterproductive rules. Others may wish to shoot for more ambitious goals that require a change of culture. The current push to expand the use ofRead… Read more »

Who is Responsible for Leadership Development?

In many agencies there is disagreement over who is responsible for leadership development. In some organizations, responsibility for leadership development is delegated to HR. In others, leadership development is viewed as the domain of trainers. In yet other organizations, employees expect the agency’s senior leadership to take the lead. They are all right—to a point.Read… Read more »

A Rare Opportunity – Free Classic Harvard Business Review Articles

Microsoft has sponsored several classic Harvard Business Review articles for free download, including three of my favorites: “What Makes a Leader by Daniel Goleman “Level 5 Leadership” by Jim Collins “What Great Leaders Do” by Marcus Buckingham. This is very cool. HBR normally charges $6.50 for each of these articles. Please do not post, copyRead… Read more »