A Technology Plan for a new Mayor

The City of Seattle just elected a new Mayor, Ed Murray. He’s not a technology guru, but nevertheless could rapidly harness tech to significantly improve municipal government in Seattle. This same sort of technology plan is really applicable to many cities and most governments.

Here it is:

1. Appoint a Chief Innovation Officer.

2. Join eCityGov – http://ecitygov.net, a collaborative of over 30 Seattle-area cities and governments.

3. 311.

4. Mobilize everything (make websites and applications mobile-friendly).

5. FastFWD Seattle.

6. Harness the “Internet of Stuff”.

7. Aim for zero-energy neighborhoods.

8. Fiber-up.

9. Commit to open, transparent, collaborative, participatory government.

10. Embrace the cloud.

Read more details at http://crosscut.com/2013/11/12/technology/117402/10-ways-ed-murray-can-modernize-seattles-dinosaur-/.

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