A Virtual Government?

I find it very interesting to see how more and more government agencies are going virtual in today’s world. The DoD has hopped on board, NOAA is on Second Life, Centers for Disease Control has even joined MySpace, and many other SGL and Federal agencies are following suit. We are truly living a multi-media, Web 2.0 world where social media is more than just socializing and showing off your pictures to your friends. It’s interesting to find out that there is even a Wiki fully dedicated to Real Life Government in Second Life.

It makes you wonder are we really in the Matrix after all?

Are computers just going to control all of our lives?

That’s highly doubtful, but it is pretty cool that these sort of practices are starting to emerge into our everyday lives and now within our government agencies. If you’d like to read a bit more about other what these agencies mention are actually doing among a few others check out the rest of this articles on [acronym] online.

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It is pretty cool. There are a number of groups on GovLoop dedicated to Second Life and Virtual Worlds. Although I think we need to focus on more than just Second Life. The only virtual network I know people that use religiously outside of work is Webkinz, which is crazy popular for kids.

Anita Arile

What is, uhm, Second Life, am very curious… and a Virtual Government? WOW, I never knew that many agencies joined MySpace… interesting… on Guam, it’s still pretty “laid back”… many employees (up for retirement soon! phew!) are VERY fearful of technology… tsk tsk tsk…

Vinny Poliseno

Hey Anita Second Life is a virtual world you can see the actual program by visiting here – secondlife.com/. Its pretty cool I’ve been involved with a few events that took place in Guam discussing benefits of using BIM. Guam seems very laid back are you hiring?

Pam Broviak

I agree that we need to keep our eye on other virtual worlds. Although Second Life is the most stable and populated by those doing “real” business, their recent business decisions seem to have set off a lack of trust among current residents. Unfortunately, there just isn’t a good competitor yet so we have been going forward with our meetings and explorations and work within its environment until something else opens up.

You can also get an idea about what Second Life is all about by viewing presentations about it on Slideshare.net and on You Tube although you have to weed through the ones that have been uploaded by folks who are just in there for “fun.” Here is a good video created by a machinima expert, Draxtor Despres. He made it in honor of Veteran’s Day. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E-o280x9xlI