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NOAA Creates New Website Which Details Hurricane History in the U.S.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has consolidated 170 years of hurricane data in one place, its historical hurricane tracks website. The site provides data on hurricanes that made landfall going back to 1842 and provides links to information on tropical cyclones since 1958, according to a GCN article. On the site, visitors can search… Read more »

Commerce Dept Bureaus to Mostly Close if Gov’t Shuts Down

According to a Fierce Government IT article, the National Institutes of Standards and Technology and many other Commerce Department bureaus will have very limited exemptions from furloughs. The only two agencies that will have significant exemptions include the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration at 45 percent and the Bureau of Industry and Security at 40… Read more »

NOAA Takes Next Steps Towards Virtulized Data Centers

Originally posted on Federal Technology Insider: The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is laying the groundwork to take virtualization to the next level with plans to create a virtual data center that provisions compute and storage capabilities using a combination of private and public cloud computing resources. The goal is coupled with NOAA’s objective… Read more »

NOAA Calls Off Furloughs

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration will not furlough any of its 12,000 employees after the Commerce Department reached an agreement late Friday night for additional budget flexibility, acting NOAA Administrator Kathryn Sullivan wrote in a memo obtained by Sullivan wrote the agency would have had to furlough some workers for up to 10… Read more »

Social Web for Disaster Management Workshop Roundup & Be A Force of Nature

iDisaster 2.0, a blog about social media and emergency management, has collected papers from the Social Web for Disaster Management Conference 2012 Workshop recently held in Lyon, France. This coincides with NOAA’s collaboration effort with FEMA to launch the first National Severe Weather Preparedness Week. I think they’ve done a pretty good job of preparing… Read more »

Be a Force of Nature

NOAA and FEMA are partnering on a public education campaign kicking off during the first National Severe Weather Preparedness Week, April 22-28. This is more than your routine public safety/awareness effort. Aimed at improving the way people respond to severe weather warnings, campaign planners are embracing social science principles to encourage people to take appropriate… Read more »

NOAA Transitions to the Cloud

By Doug Krueger Originally posted on Federal Blue Print In response to the Office of Management and Budget’s directive that all agencies must move at least three services to the cloud by May 2012, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has officially completed its transition to a cloud-based Google email system. As the largest… Read more »

My Cup of IT: Going Googley Eyed + LandWarNet Under Cloud?

By Steve O’Keeffe – Going Googley Eyed? As GSA officially nixes Notes and logs on to Gmail this week, it seems Uncle Sam is getting googley eyes. At the same time, NOAA is forecasting cost savings ahead by moving to Google Apps by year end. And the G-man’s Google romance comes in the wake… Read more »

NOAA Releases the “State of the Climate Report” for 2009

The weather sure has been hot lately. Want to get a good picture of the weather over the past year? Then get NOAA’s National Climate Data Center recently published report on the weather and climate occurring around the world in 2009. Because weather fascinates many of us and is experienced by all of us, the… Read more »

Twitter’s Reliability An Issue For Government

SOCIAL MEDIA Twitter’s has had major reliability issues this week.The site was over capacity and displaying the “Fail Whale” image numerous times. The capacity issue resulted in site breakdowns, slowdowns, loss of tweets, and more. In fairness, Twitter has been transparent (in true social media culture fashion) about the scaling issues coming from exponential growth…. Read more »