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Acquisitions Affect Average Americans

I’m sitting in the airport right now waiting for my flight to Miami. (Yes, I’m writing on vacation — workaholics die hard). Anyways, I met an elderly woman who lived with her husband in 1951 Post-War Japan. Apparently, she used to have dinner with Ms. MacArthur and helped run an orphanage for the children of GIs and Japanese girls. She was also stationed at an airbase in England a few years later when we were afraid the Soviets might bomb our bases. Artillery, probably anti-aircraft, was positioned close to her home.

So what’s this have to do with acquisition? Well, everything. The weapons war that the United States manufactured let us win WWII. As an indirect result of soldiers using those weapons, she ended up in Japan and England. The field of acquisitions affected her life, and she likely doesn’t realize it.

The lesson: what we create and buy impacts today average Americans lives and the stories they tell to strangers in passing 60 years later.

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Stephen Peteritas

Like 3 months ago I asked about Acquisition and this was the story I needed to hear. It’s amazing how real life situations makes things make sense.

Avatar photo Mike Lambert

Sterling, given that DAU’s Dr. Alicia Sanchez was just profiled last week by another interviewer, we were just talking this morning about your excellent interview with her earlier this year (were your ears burning)? Hope you’re doing well, and for heaven’s sake, DON’T be a workaholic on vacation…

Sterling Whitehead

@Mike. I’m glad Alicia is getting the publicity she deserves. She worked on a great project.

@Stephen. Glad it helps.