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Google and the digitisation of the Foreign Office

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office has a lengthy history. By my reckoning, it’s about 5 years younger than the United States. And it’s not a building that gleams with chrome and has beanbags strewn across the floor – we’re not digital natives. So the digitisation of the Foreign Office is a journey we’re still on (there’s no shame, it’s a journey that all governments and most organisations are on).

As part of that process, we’ve got some external evangelisers in – recently, Randi Zuckerberg of Facebook and this week, Hamish Nicklin of Google came in to discuss the ‘Post-digital world’. He kindly allowed us to film it, so we’re sharing it here. It’s a useful overview of Google’s view of the way the world is changing, and a helpful nudge on how to approach things for people who don’t work in communications. If its useful in your own work, feel free to embed the video on your own site and blogs.

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